I have utilized the services of Sunset Protective Services for several years, and have always been extremely pleased with the results achieved by John Perry and Dan McCann.  They are accessible, accountable and are consummate professionals.

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"[Sunset’s] employees are well-qualified, thoughtful, diplomatic and prompt, often offering assistance and direction far beyond their assignments.  Most are retired law enforcement with unique skills and experience in handling conflicts and display experience and initiative in providing the services required of them, including many of my clients who are either celebrities or in the public eye.  I could not offer a higher recommendation based on upon their decade of services to this office and my clients."

Law Offices of Emanuel Barling, Jr.

Mr. Perry and his employees have worked with me over the past eight years.  If you want a company that is dependable, honest and professional, then you want Sunset Security.  They are always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.

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"Joni and Friends is pleased to endorse the services of Sunset Protective Services & Investigations, Inc.  Sunset has assisted us in the area of event control and specialized services within the past few years.  In our interactions with John and others on his staff, they have shown the highest level of professionalism, reliability, and flexibility."

Director, Human Resources
Joni and Friends International Disability Center


Mr. John Perry was hired regarding a long-standing problem involving the physical abuse and financial manipulation of my brother.  For years the local authorities were uninterested in my brother’s plight and living conditions, essentially bullied and coerced daily by a gang member.  Within hours upon John Perry’s arrival on the scene the offending individual was in custody on a felony charge.  The next day a Temporary Restraining Order was obtained, barring the suspect from the premises.  Mr. Perry interacted with the police detective and District Attorney assisting in the prosecution.  The suspect pled guilty to the felony charge, and was given one year in jail and a five year Stay Away Order from my brother.  Throughout the ordeal John Perry was accessible, conscientious and a powerful advocate in the pursuit of justice and my brother’s well being.  John Perry managed to accomplish in a short period of time what others were seemingly incapable of resolving.  Our family has peace of mind knowing that my brother is safe for the first time in years.  We are extremely pleased that we hired Sunset Protective Services to handle this situation.

Mrs. DL